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Church on Beach

it's storytime

Get ready to write the story of your life!


"The key to writing your life story is first knowing that as the author, the pen is in your hands. Then understanding the power within your story and the impact your life can create for the stories of others.

Discover the journey of a model, mom, and self care advocate!


"My journey of self love started well before I was aware that it'd even begun. Now as I reflect, every part of my story pushed me a little further, forced me to go deeper, expanded me a bit more while on my path. My life is merely a collective of fragmented stories that have all come together to tell the narrative that people are reading today."


- Devorah Story


"A collection of shared stories written about women by women who choose to change the narratives of their own lives."

The Story Collective creates the safe space for women to connect, grow and take care. We build as a community, we break barriers as a community and we seek elevation as a community. The Story Collective is a hub of resources and support needed to navigate the daily intricacies of life. We pride ourselves on healthy relationships and positive social interactions geared toward elevation.


"We are strong. we are vulnerable. We exist as individuals, but we live as a collective."

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Here's how we can write our stories together.


Promote your Brand

I'm a professional model with10 plus years of experience from which I've helped companies build their brands and bring their products to life.

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Model Development

As a model consultant, I offer guidance and support for aspiring models who seek to enhance their modeling stories through education, experience, goal setting, basic principles of self care and mindset development.



The Story Collective

I'm a self care enthusiast who has curated a variety of activities intended to foster connections, facilitate healing and promote personal growth among women. Think fitness, confidence-boosting exercises, purposeful conversations and meaningful interactions.

Church on Beach

Are you looking to join a safe community for women? Are you ready to shift your narrative? Are you seeking growth opportunities? Aligned connections? Support in self care?

Connect, grow and take care with other likeminded women through simple, yet meaningful conversations and interactions.  The stories we can write if we tell them together.

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