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meet Devorah

Your mom-friend, model sis and self love inspo all wrapped in one!

Welcome to my world where inner beauty is the runway, motherhood is the center stage and self care is the new success. Join me as I navigate the balance between my dreams and my reality, while unveiling the ebs and flows of entrepreneurship. My life story tells one of self love and self care colliding, passion meeting purpose and growth merging with healing. 

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"Embrace the power within; the world is waiting on your story."

Let my journey be a testament to the power of nurturing oneself, finding balance and embracing personal growth while chasing a dream. Self-care is not selfish, but a transformative act that fuels passion and purpose. 


As the storyteller of my life, I know that at any given time I can redefine success and begin building a life that aligns my dreams with the realities that I navigate daily. And the same is true for you! You can write the story that you want your life to read. You have the power to tell a narrative that's worth reading and a story worth reading is a story worth sharing; in knowing that, we can create change in the world!

Church on Beach

sis, the pen is in your hand

What kind of story do you envision for your life?


This is your official invitation to join me in writing a life-changing story! It's never too late to make edits and shape your life in a way that aligns with your heart's desires. You have an opportunity to create a narrative that inspires, empowers and leaves a lasting legacy that will touch many generations to come! Together, we can create a collective of stories. Take a deeper...because everything you need is already in our hands. So, grab your pen, sis!

the inside scoop

(i.e. The Story of my Life)


I am a mother to my 10 year old son, Christian. I've been modeling for as long as I've been a mother. So in a lot of ways, we grew up together." I've been blessed to book campaigns with my son while also creating the space for him to discover his own path in the modeling and acting world!


I grew up as a "PK" (i.e. Preacher's Kid)! Much of my foundation comes from my upbringing in the church. However, my personal growth has allowed me expound on the foundation my parents set for me and transform it into my own story! 


I graduated college with a Bachelors in Psychology and a minor in speech. After graduation, I landed my first job at a behavioral clinic, where I provided therapy for kids who have Autism and other developmental disorders. I'd work in this field for the next 8 years and later apply the developed skillset in my every day life (i.e. modeling, coparenting, my wellness journey etc.)!


A difficult breakup lead my son's father and I to a coparenting journey. This separation didn't only affect us, but more drastically, our son. Utilizing my behavioral therapy skills, I created a system to help my son with the overwhelming transition. Fast forward 8 years or so later, we have created a healthy coparenting story that proves as functional for us as well as for our son. We even created The Coparent Goals, which provides support  and inspiration for other families while they navigate their own coparenting story. 

the moral of my story

Everything that I've experienced in life has guided me to curate safe spaces for women to share their stories, create growth opportunities, and discover aligned connections with care in mind.

We can't always control how things start, but we do have a say in how it all plays out. My life (as you've learned by now) is a collective of stories about modeling, motherhood, coparenting, self discovery, self love and so many other themes. I've written and continue to make edits to my story in hopes of making it better. The idea is that we all have stories and our ability to share them is what makes us The Story Collective: a collection of relatable stories written by women and shared among other women in hopes that each narrative contributes to the entirety of the group, which we bring together to share with the world as a collective! The beauty is that not all of our stories are the same and nor do they need to be. The diversity in our experiences as women is what creates space for continued growth together. The Story Collective is a platform created for women to share their stories, while expanding their lives to the next level.

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