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A Community for Women Building their Lives


The Story Collective is a membership-based self-care group connecting the stories of women of color to elevate their growth interpersonally, culturally and professionally. Answering the many calls of womanhood can be taxing, but we are here to provide you with a community of resources to support you in writing the next level of your story.

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At The Story Collective, we believe in the strength of diversity and the collective power of individual stories. We provide a safe platform for women to share and expand their stories. Our wellness-based programming equips women with the confidence to write the narratives that they desire to live.

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As a member, you'll have access to our inclusive programming and networking events for women, parenting, wellness, and lifestyle. Our membership programming is designed to cater to your needs, with both digital and in-person formats available. The Story Collective prioritizes self care, learning opportunities, quality social interactions and conversations that will elevate the stories of women.

"Anything that we do with our well-being in mind."

The Story Collective provides women of color with tools and strategies to make self prioritization more accessible. We are aware of the many challenges that women may face when it comes to making self care a priority. We consider the essential roles of women in the black structure. We understand the demand and need placed on women to perform daily, which is one of the added benefits of connecting with us. 


The Story Collective was created to alleviate the difficulty in self care by making a communal effort to bring women of color together with care in mind. So whether it's time management, inaccessibility, lack of support, lack of knowledge, lack of community, The Story Collective has created the space for black women to take care holistically. Become a  part of a Collective today!

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