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Write your Model Story

Our model consulting services are designed to help you succeed in your industry while also developing a lifestyle that leaves you feeling fulfilled and inspired. We provide guidance and support throughout the entire model development process, from building portfolios to negotiating contracts. With several years and levels of experience, we are committed to delivering a non-traditional approach to model development. One that builds self confidence, discovers purpose and expands the mindset of self worth. Modeling is only a piece of your greatness. There's so much to share about your life as a brand. Let us help you write your life story!

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Join the 2-Month Development Program

  • 1-on-1 consult sessions

  • Group brainstorming sessions

  • Mindset growth opportunities

  • Access to in person and virtual events

  • Supportive community of women

  • Tools and resources for writing your model and life story

  • Daily group communication

  • Discounted rates for additional 1-on-1 consult sessions (*inquire)

  • Connecting, collaborating and scouting opportunities to be scheduled for the end of program

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Virtual Group Learning

An interactive 50 minute discussion ending with a 10 minute Q&A. Each month we will dive into various topics that will assist you in writing not only your own model story, but your life story.

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Discovery Call

A 30 minute virtual conversation. This is your opportunity to share your story! We'll discuss your model goals, where you are now and where you want to go. While we are unpacking pieces of your model story, we are sure to dive even deeper into your life story.

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One on One Consult

During one on one sessions, we dive deep into your model goals along with your life goals. We provide support and strategy for truly telling your story one chapter at a time. Always written together. 

The Story is....

You've got options! There is no one size fits all for building the life that you want to live or creating the model story that you want to write, but what is guaranteed is that there will be challenges and barriers along the way. So with that in mind, we've created accessible options that fit the narrative of where your are while taking you where you want to go! Book a consult session today!

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